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The Best in Machined Plastics and a Supplier of Engineering Plastics.

Plasmac has been reliably servicing the general engineering trade as well as the food, beverage, medicinal and chemical industries since 1978. We are suppliers, manufacturers and fabricators of an extensive range of Engineering and Industrial plastics. Plasmac is a leader in developing and supplying advanced and high performance materials to the Australian market.
Our in-house facility produces the third largest volume of Teflon® in Australia. Our well-equipped workshop has a full range of lathes and milling machines enabling us to provide both large and small runs, including one-off items.

Our Products Include

  • In-House Producers of Teflon®/PTFE and PEEK
  • High Performance Plastics
  • Cut-to-Size Plastic Panels

  • Specialist Polyurethane Machining
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seals and Wear Rings

  • Engineering Plastics
  • O-Rings
  • Custom Parts
  • Change Parts

  • Conveyor Chains, Guides and Linings
  • Wear Strips
  • Safety Guards, Barriers and Shatterproof Windows

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